Takudzwa Chikepe

Takudzwa Chikepe is famously known as VaChikepe: The Poet and is a 31-year-old, International Poet based in Zimbabwe. In the streets of Norton, a small town near Harare, VaChikepe writes most of his poems and he defines poetry as a ”state of mind”. VaChikepe has 13 years’ experience in writing poetry and from 2015, the poet has been writing poetry on a full-time basis. Dreams, research, spirituality, music, animal and human rights explain VaChikepe’s writing style. This poet was discovered and exposed to the American poetry society and beyond by Bridgewater International Poetry Festival (2018) and his notable poems include “The Digital Mango Tree” and “The Copyright’s Wedding”. In the States, he has performed at Flyleaf Poetry Reading and Open Mic Series several times and the West End Poetry Festival (2018).

Locally, VaChikepe is strongly supported by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and his famous poems on television include “The Galaxy Of Stars” and “God My Father”. As a way of building the Zimbabwean poetry and arts community, in 2016 the Poet gathered a group of more than 100 artists (VaChikepe and The Hundred Sailors) as a way of sharing ideas and publishing their works. To date, the group has published a book also on Amazon called “Don’t Give Up Africa” ebook/DP/B07BJDHY7G and funds permitting the group is looking forward to publishing more and more books.

VaChikepe has a BSc in Publishing Studies and two certificates in Social Media and Photojournalism. VaChikepe: The Poet spends most of his time at Methodist Church in Zimbabwe meditating the word of God and writing poetry, ‘…And I am now working hard to become one of the best Poets from Africa’, concludes the Poet.


  • “Don’t Give Up Africa”: Publisher RM Publishers (UK) and Amazon: ebook/dp/B07BJDHY7G : Date RMPublishers (March 16, 2018)

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