Kelly Jones

Kelly is a writer, performer, organizer, and educator. They are the author of two chapbooks, many miscellaneous poems, and a few essays. They recently earned an MLIS from UNC-Greensboro, and they hold an MFA in Poetry from the University of New Orleans’ Creative Writing Workshop and a BA in Literature and Social Justice from Antioch University Seattle.


  • Anthology & Chapbook Publications: Pull the Blinds Black Elephant Press, 2016 Worry the Dead Finishing Line Press, 2016 Forthcoming: UNO Poetry Anthology “The Sky Isn’t Blue” “When I Said I Wanted to Live…” “Aubade for November 9th, 2016” Recent (past 3 years) Journal Publications (online & print) Forthcoming: Epigraph Magazine “The river fills with sticks and garbage…” Bone Parade “Graveyards are Gardens that Embrace Those Who Lost” 2018: Ghost City Review, december 2018 Issue “Attempts at Writing Cards Against Humanity, or Here’s to the Future” Peach Mag, season 3 “Now That I Live in a Small City” “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory” Bone Parade, issue 7 “When My Husband Flies Away for Work” Oracle Fine Arts Review, volume XVI “A Gift Can Be Tricky” The Coraddi, 120.2 edition “Bird of Passage” “Five Haiku for the End of History” “Honest Mistakes” “When I said I was ready to settle down” ​ Reality Hands, issue 15 “A Note on the Porch and a Plant that’s Gone Missing” 2017: Rascal Journal, issue 2 “We’re Wireless” ​​ The Coraddi, 120.1 editions “Haiku for Cicadas” “Apeirophobia” “Come On Pretty Momma” Words Dance “I Think the Answer to the Question May Be Zero” “Carry On, Carrion” “Recalled” ​​ Barzakh Magazine, issue 09 “Mardi Gras Poem” ​ No Assholes Lit. Magazine, volume 1 issue 9 “In A Window, Looking Out” “Went Missing During the War” 2016: After Happy Hour Review, issue 6 “When Trying to Trick Me, Do” Sundog Lit, issue 11 “#BestWeddingEver” “On Culture” Rat’s Ass Review, volume 4 issue 2 “Good Luck” ​​ Thank You For Swallowing “Figs” BOAAT, March/April issue “Old Habits”

Participation at the 2019 West End Poetry Festival

  • Curated open mic | Thursday, October 17 | 6:30 pm | Cats Cradle Back Room

For a full schedule and descriptions of all sessions, see the festival schedule.