How to Participate

2020 Virtual Participation

We are developing several interactive means of attending and sharing your poetry in the 2020 West End Poetry Festival.

Virtual Curated Open Mic

We are moving our “Curated Open Mic” online! We hope to include a range of poets—of different ages, professions, races and ethnicities, and stages of development.


  1. Time limit: 5 minutes maximum (we love shorter poems!)
  2. Only one poem per poet
  3. We only accept YouTube links (Never recorded before? Read our Tips and Tricks!)

Community Poem (NEW!)

Wonder how the West End Poetry Festival normally works?  

There are a variety of ways you can, in a typical year, participate in the West End Poetry Festival:

  • As an attendee
  • As a poet reading at the festival
  • As an exhibitor
  • As a sponsor

Attend the Festival

All events are free and open to the public—so please come for any or all of the festival. Check the schedule for details about what’s going on when and where, and find out more about the festival locations and free parking.

Exhibit at the Festival

If you’re interested in having a table at the festival on Saturday to promote your organization, contact A small fee to the Town of Carrboro and a short application are required. Most recent exhibitors have been local publishers of poetry books or journals, but we’re open to others participating as long as there’s a connection to poetry.

Sponsor the Festival

If you’re interested in sponsoring the festival financially and getting great exposure for yourself or your organization, contact