Community Poem – How to Participate

We would like you to create a poem with us to publish on the West End Poetry Festival Website! 

You can read the first version of the poem, published online on October 17, the day of the festival. We continue accepting lines from the community throughout October, to publish a final version in November.

Ready? Follow these instructions:

  1. Choose one of the two following options, based on our location and our theme:
    1. Option 1: Create a line of poetry that has a reference to Carrboro, or some other place or geographical feature in North Carolina.
    2. Option 2: Create a line of poetry that has the word change in it.
  2. Length: 100 characters or less
  3. One submission per poet
  4. Submit your line of poetry by filling out this submission form.
  5. Due date: submit before Oct. 17 to be included in the publication on this website during the festival (at 3pm on Saturday), but we will take submissions all October, and then release a full community poem in November.

Example Option 1 (reference to NC):

We age, our wrinkles deepen, stone-thrown ripples in the Yadkin River. 

Example Option 2 (includes the word “change”):

The wind is changing. We wing forward and flock with feathers interlocked.

DISCLAIMER: The Carrboro Poet’s Council and Town of Carrboro reserve the right to select lines based on appropriateness for the community and Festival.

*Examples by Carrboro Poets Council Member Abigail Browning