2021 Community Poem

Last year we had great success with our  community-written poem based on our theme, “Poetry for a Change.” We would like to invite you to write a line for our new theme “United Poetry Service: Poems for the People”!

We will read the 2021 Community Poem at 4:45pm at the Carrboro Town Commons, and also publish the final work on westendpoetryfestival.org for all to read.

Ready? Follow these instructions:

  1. Choose one of the two following options, based on our location and our theme:
    1. Option 1: Create a line of poetry that has a reference to Carrboro, or some other place or geographical feature in North Carolina.
    2. Option 2: Create a line of poetry that has one of these words in it: United, Poetry, or Service.
  2. Length: 100 characters or less
  3. One submission per poet
  4. Submit your line of poetry by filling out this submission form.
  5. Due date: submit before Oct. 15 at 11:59pm ET to be included in the publication on this website during the festival ( on Saturday).

Example Option 1 (reference to Carrboro):

“Feeling free in Carrboro is our destiny”

Example Option 2 (reference to United):

“All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”

― Alexandre Dumas

Example Option 2 (includes the word “Poetry“):

“Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance”

—Carl Sandburg

Example Option 2 (includes the word “Service“):

“The Fruit of Service is Peace”

Mother Teresa

DISCLAIMER: The Carrboro Poet’s Council and Town of Carrboro reserve the right to select lines based on appropriateness for the community and Festival.

*Examples selected by Carrboro Poets Council Member Paul Jones.