2020 Workshop Chat

19:07:19 From Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator : If you have technical questions or issues during the workshop, add them to the chat or text to Ralph Earle at 919-605-0637.
19:07:35 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : https://westendpoetryfestival.org/community-poem/
19:07:50 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : OPEN MIC:


Community Poem – How to Participate

19:10:24 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Woohoo!
19:12:21 From Gary Phillips : Hear here!
19:13:33 From Maura High : So glad CJ is talking about his roots in the church and the heart-felt, gospel-inspired performances there.
19:14:32 From Gary Phillips : John 1 I think.
19:14:37 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : “There is magic in sound” – CJ Suitt
19:15:27 From Maura High : I never knew that about “person.” Per also means “for” or “through” —we share for sons, and daughters.
19:18:13 From Maura High : Charles, thanks for being the first!
19:21:19 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Find 1) remote control, 2) find water, 3)something that brings you comfort
19:29:36 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Welcome all!
19:29:52 From Maura High : So good to hear from you all, your items and stories are all so different.
19:33:24 From Gary Phillips : Love Lucille Clifton.
19:33:34 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : yesss
19:33:35 From Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator : Me too!
19:34:36 From Maura High : One of our featured poets tomorrow, Michael Glaser, edited with Kevin Young, a collected works of Clifton.
19:35:47 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Lori, Liane, Mechell need to go still
19:36:33 From Maura High : Have we heard from Allison yet?
19:38:43 From Claire Hermann (she/her) : I love that
19:39:19 From Joan Barasovska : Welcome to poetry, Michelle!
19:40:08 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : If anyone else still needs to go, please let me know. 🙂
19:42:25 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : “Just hearing all your voices is a powerful tool.” —CJ Suitt
19:43:37 From Gary Phillips : Amen.
19:44:00 From Leah Hamilton : Question for CJ: What to you is the distinction between noise and a voice?
19:44:16 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : WHY DO YOU WRITE?
19:44:31 From Joan Barasovska : can’t help it.
19:44:33 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Why do you create?
19:44:59 From Gary Phillips : I am required to. (My lord calls to me in the morning dew)
19:45:09 From Claire Hermann (she/her) : to be useful
19:45:17 From Allison De Marco (she/her) : writing is part of my scholarship.
19:45:26 From Leah Hamilton : Love that!
19:45:33 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : i write because distillations occur to me and it delights me to attempt to express them.
19:45:38 From Liane Salgado : I write to make something clear so that I can explain something to someone else.
19:45:51 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : to understand the world share community
19:46:30 From Maura High : It just comes to me in the form of words that need to be uttered. Uttering helps clarify and open up routes to explore further and further. Then I hope it is heard, or needs to be heard.
19:46:41 From Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator : I write because I love to, and it brings me comfort. And it comes from inside me. I want to translate it to the outside.
19:46:49 From Fred Joiner : I write to figure out what I think about something. I write also because sometimes it the only thing I candors to give voice to the things I am thinking about
19:46:55 From Gary Phillips : Yes!
19:46:57 From Leah Hamilton : I write to make sense of myself and my world.
19:48:09 From susanspalt : I write because I always have—have always felt a need to find the words to explain our world and to help those around me make sense of it. I write because I can’t imagine not writing.
19:48:27 From Jay Bryan : I write because it is the only place I feel that my voice is real, otherwise it is very difficult to communicate how I see what is going on, it is also comfort and therap, and I have to write to address loss.
19:48:36 From mechell : I write to describe my feelings on paper so i can read when I am in a quite space.
19:49:58 From Allison De Marco (she/her) : yes with his partner
19:50:04 From Maura High : I wasn’t at all sure how the chat interactions would work for the workshop, but CJ, you have it all beautifully thought out and organized.
19:56:44 From Leah Hamilton : Sure1
19:56:46 From Maura High : Yes!
19:58:25 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Prompt: “When people see me, they say __________”
20:01:26 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Prompt: “(But) if you really knew me, you would know ______”
20:03:34 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Prompt: “I feel most powerful when ________”
20:05:19 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Prompt: “I am most afraid when _________”
20:07:55 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Prompt: “One day they will say _______”
20:10:11 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Rules for sharing 1) respect the mic
20:11:04 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : 2) confidentiality
20:12:05 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : 3) consent — ask for consent to learn more about someone’s work
20:12:55 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : 4) we talking about practice
20:13:45 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : yes yes yes!
20:14:17 From Maura High : Wow, Virginia. You wrote that just on the fly.
20:15:00 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : guts on fire!
20:15:23 From Leah Hamilton : so sweet, Gary!
20:15:37 From Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator : Any injured thing, which is everybody …
20:15:45 From Joan Barasovska : lovely, Gary
20:17:24 From Maura High : These statements, poems in the making, are so moving.
20:17:55 From Gary Phillips to Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator (Privately) : Great, Ralph.
20:19:59 From Claire Hermann (she/her) : “This is not a poem, just a longing.”
20:21:10 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : many unshared kudos went to host. oops. love all of your shares!
20:21:11 From Gary Phillips : Love you, Fred.
20:21:48 From Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator : Yeahhhhh!
20:21:58 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : nice, susan
20:23:12 From Claire Hermann (she/her) : Fred, I hope it’s ok that I’m taking book recommendations from your bookshelf. Gonna order “All the Songs We Sing.” And Maura, I LOVE that.
20:23:37 From Ralph Earle – Technical Coordinator to Maura High (Privately) : Maura, wonderful – so intricate on the spur of the moment
20:23:38 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : love that, Maura, especially the last
20:23:50 From Fred Joiner : 🙂
20:24:18 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : Homework: If you did not share your piece — part of it or all of it, then share it with someone out loud (with a person, goldfish, etc. get it out into the world)
20:25:05 From Cal Nordt : I finished “All the Songs We Sing” a few weeks ago and I loved it!
20:27:09 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : yes yes yes
20:27:46 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : we are fabulous. thanks CJ
20:27:57 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : first community poem of 2020
20:28:10 From Abigail Browning (she/her) — HOST : for the West End Poetry Festival!
20:29:36 From Virginia Ewing Hudson : thank you. very enjoyable eveing with everyone
20:30:00 From susanspalt : Thank you CJ. You have given us a real gift during this challenge time!
20:30:05 From Joan Barasovska : Thanks, C.J.! Great kick-off to the West End Festival.
20:30:08 From Maura High : CJ! Thank you SO much. This was wonderful. You made us think, and feel, and speak. We heard and spoke out in all our voices.
20:30:09 From Claire Hermann (she/her) : Thank you!
20:30:29 From Maura High : Thanks, everyone!
20:30:29 From Allison De Marco (she/her) : thank you all!
20:30:33 From Leah Hamilton : This was so great! Thanks, all!
20:30:50 From Maura High : All hail to our laureates, past, present, and future!
20:30:52 From Jay Bryan : Wonderful stitching together, CJ, our thoughts about why we write.