Paul Deblinger

Paul DeblingerPaul Deblinger holds an MA in Creative Writing from Hollins University and MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University. He has published poems, fiction, interviews and articles in Poetry Now, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Cargoes, Magill’s Literary Annual, Window, Black Warrior Review, and others. He is the author of Culpepper’s Minneapolis-St. Paul: The Essential Guide to the Twin Cities. He also had a long career covering Thoroughbred racing, publishing in The Racing Times, Racing Action, The Quarter Racing Journal, Minnesota Monthly, Twin Cities Reader, Hoofbeats, Minnesota Thoroughbred Journal, Horseplayer, and Associated Press.

Paul has taught creative writing and literature at Bowling Green State University, The Loft: Minneapolis, and Prague Poetry. He won the Gertrude Claytor Prize from the Academy of American Poets, the Indy Poetry Contest, and the B. Dalton Short Fiction Contest. He founded Window: Poetry Washington, DC, and was co-founder of Mid-American Review and The Writer’s Center in Washington, DC. He recently completed a poetry manuscript, Blood-Red Moon, and is completing a novel, Stink. He teaches workshops in the Triangle and owns PMD Creative, a communications company working with writers and businesses internationally.

Participation at the 2015 West End Poetry Festival

  • Celebration, Milestones, and Marking Time in Poetry | Saturday, October 17 | 3 to 4:15 pm | Century Center

For a full schedule and descriptions of all sessions, see the festival schedule.