Kristen Cox

Kristen CoxKristen Cox is a resource developer and creative structuralist currently residing in Durham, North Carolina. A queer Southerner who got politicized in Chicago and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, Kristen relocated to North Carolina in 2011 to work for Self-Help and is now reinventing her doer, change seeker, organizer, excurser, sensitive Cancerian self in North Carolina. She is a motherless daughter, finder of secret swimming holes, and occasional Barry Manilow performer. She is an extrovert trying to cultivate her inner introvert; a realist reckoning her inner revolutionary; and a somatic feeler trying to pen more reflections, experiences, feelings ,and thoughts to paper.

Participation at the 2017 West End Poetry Festival

  • Curated Open Mic | Thursday, October 19 | starts at 6:30 pm | 2nd Wind

For a full schedule and descriptions of all sessions, see the festival schedule.