Emilio Taiveaho

Emilio Taiveaho was born in Quito, Ecuador, to a Finnish father and an Ecuadorian mother. He spent his childhood barefoot, romping along the magnanimous Andes, where he listened to condors and cara-caras cackle koans overhead. As a teenager, he migrated to a country called the Midwest, where he learned to listen to sandstone and to the backwater-melodies of the Mississippi River. Falling in love with the formative and transformative power of words and language, Emilio studied American Poetry at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, before moving to Chapel Hill, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in American poetry and poetics at the University of North Carolina. He is fond of lichen, moss, and the sacred music of both Alice and John Coltrane.

Why is poetry in Carrboro, NC important?

Is breathing important is eating important is thinking important is loving important is growing important? Poetry is important in Carrboro, Carolina del Norte because through poetry we live and dwell and learn how to live and learn how to dwell–through poetry we feel, approach the world, and ask questions. Without poetry, we are not. Through poetry, we are, and become. Vines are poetry, Longleaf Pines are poetry, people are poetry, Carrboro is poetry, too. Poetry is important, here, because poetry is.

  • Panel on intersections | Saturday, October 20 | Century Center

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