Liza Wolff-Francis

Portrait of Liza by HoganLiza Wolff-Francis is a poet and writer with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Goddard College. In 2008, she was on the Albuquerque, New Mexico poetry slam team. She has an ekphrastic poem published in Austin’s Blanton Art Museum and was co-director for the 2014 Austin International Poetry Festival. She is currently on the Carrboro Poets’ Council. Her writing has been widely anthologized and her work has most recently appeared in The Phare, Silver Birch Press, Wild Roof Journal, SLAB, and eMerge magazine. She has also written poetry book reviews that have been published on Adroit, Compulsive Reader, and LitPub. Her essay “Exploring Ecopoetry: Changing Definitions” was published by Valparaiso University.

She is bilingual (Spanish/English) and is a mental health therapist (LCSW), eco-awareness activist, and eco-poet. She grew up in Atlanta, went to college in Greensboro, was in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, lived for years in New Mexico and she loves being back in North Carolina. She lives in Carrboro and is thrilled to be Carrboro’s 8th Poet Laureate. She believes that the craft of creating poetry provides a cathartic outlet for feelings like fear, anger, and sadness, and also for a blossoming hope. Liza says her mission as Poet Laureate is “to help unite people through writing poetry, sharing poetry, and listening to each other.”