Fire Operations Division

The Operations Division is the largest division within the Fire-Rescue Department. The Operations Division is responsible for emergency response within the Town of Carrboro and the South Orange Fire District. Emergency response includes response to fire, emergency medical service, and rescue incidents. 

Carrboro Fire-Rescue Department at a Brush Fire

Shifts and Staffing

Carrboro Fire-Rescue Department Firefighters in Pink Shirts for Breast Cancer AwarenessThe Operations Division includes three shifts, A-Shift, B-Shift, and C-Shift. Each shift is staffed with 11 personnel, and minimum staffing for each shift is nine personnel.

Staffing for each shift includes (1) Captain, (2) Lieutenants, (3) Fire Drivers, and (5) Firefighters. 

Shifts begin at 0700, and personnel work rotating 24 hour shifts. 

Non-Emergency Response Activities

In addition to emergency response the Operations Division also conducts pre-incident surveys in all commercial occupancies in the district, conducts fire and life safety inspections, perform operational checks on all fire hydrants annually, perform training to exceed all state guidelines. 

The Operations Division also assists with many of other community services. View the Community Services page to learn more.